How can you learn Spanish quickly?


What is the easiest way to learn Spanish? 

How can you learn Spanish quickly?

Have you ever needed to learn Spanish quickly?

Whether it is for work, traveling, or even moving to a foreign country, there are many situations in which learning Spanish quickly can be useful, and sometimes even life-saving. In today’s world, where businesses are connecting with other businesses at a record speed through the internet, language barriers are becoming an increasingly difficult problem.

People and businesses are finding the need to learn Spanish, one of the most spoken languages in the world, in order to create business opportunities and adapt to the new way of living after COVID19. The good news is:  It is possible to learn Spanish quickly!

Practice makes perfect: regular practice of Spanish is the way to become proficient in it

Whether or not one can become fluent is dependent on the type of learning and the time and effort the customer puts in. Many on-line schools offer abundant learning materials for a fee, but often lack the teacher-student relationship aspect of learning, which can greatly fuel and improve a student’s learning potential and sustain motivation throughout the whole learning process.

Hispanissimo has the resources and materials most in order to prepare for learning of all paces. Hispanissimo is the best in the industry because we have custom curated study plans that are aimed at helping businesses and individual customers learn in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Hispanissimo also has some tips for the average learner who might be confused about whether or not they are fast or slow learners. At Hispanissimo, we suggest dedicating 3 hours a week to Independent-Study along with 2 Private Live Lessons per week (30 mins each), totaling 4 hours per week. This level of dedication will allow the average learner to typically complete one whole level within 5-6 months. Our course is made up of 135 units; organised in 5 levels; A1(Beginner), B1, B2, and C1 (Advanced). As you increase your levels, (B1,B2,C1) it might be necessary to allow yourself a bit more time to complete each level (maybe 8-10 months). 

Be consistent

There is a lot of misinformation out there talking about the best ways to learn Spanish quickly. However, this is very much dependant on each learner personally and it is exactly why Hispanissimo is the perfect way to learn! Your learning pace and objectives are yours to create and achieve. Begin to form a habit of learning Spanish each day if you are going to stick with it over time. In a little less than a month, habits can be built, so the important thing is that you create the habit of learning every day. The more time you dedicate to your studying, the sooner you will be speaking with ease! We know we don’t really need to say this; learning Spanish demands time and great effort. But the payoff is quickly seen when your start speaking, dreaming, joking and texting new friends in Spanish! Obviously, everyone has different methods of learning, and sometimes learning on your own is the best way to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently.

At Hispanissimo, we completely understand the variety of backgrounds of our students, and are fully prepared to serve every students’ needs. Here at Hispanissimo, we have built a coworking system of Independent-Study and Private Live Lessons to ensure a complete engagement and integration of all the Spanish language skills. Thanks to our Online Web Campus, in your account sign up, you can select the times you want to take lessons each week, and we will pair you with teachers that are available during those times. Later you can agree with your teacher when you want to take the live classes. Independent-Study gives you the grammar and vocabulary needed to use in real conversations during the Private Live Lessons with a native Spanish speaker. Private Live Lessons are guided, 30 minute one-on-one video conversations with a native Spanish speaker,on Skype or Zoom, or Google Hangouts if you prefer.

Your teacher acts as a coach not only in Private Live Lessons but also when you are involved in self-study on our multimedia and interactive platform. Fact of the matter is, having an online tutor will quadruple your results compared to time spent in an actual classroom. An online tutoring session is 100% focused on you the student. You are the reason for the class and since you are the focus you will do the speaking and hearing. Your tutor can provide advice and guidance to help you to clarify ideas and to suggest additional tasks. All of these building blocks learned and reinforced help you work both academically (mastering the structure) and practically (use of natural spoken language outside a classroom) to ensure confidence and fluency in Spanish. So start your free trial today and find out why Hispanissimo is the best place to learn Spanish quickly. 

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