Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hispanissimo?

Hispanissimo is a Spanish digital academy where you can learn Spanish through two components: Independent-Study and Private Live Lessons. The Independent-Study component is time spent on our multimedia & interactive platform with hundreds of exercises aimed to improve the areas of speaking (speech recognition), listening, reading and writing. The Private Live Lessons Online components are guided, 30 minute one-on-one video conversations with a native Spanish speaker preferably on Google Meets.

Hispanissimo offers the flexibility and comfort of online learning, along with the essential support of private native speaker tutoring. All at the click of a button. You decide when and where you want to study!

How much does Hispanissimo cost?

After the Hispanissimo 7-day-free initial trial period, your subscription will automatically initiate (according to the plan you have chosen). BASIC Plan is for FREE for a whole month. Pro and Premium plans include one or more Private Live Lessons per month, apart from the Basic plan that includes only the support of a Spanish tutor.  See the pricing section for more details. Every plan comes with distinctive features such as; online tutor support, customized lessons, and full exam corrections.

How does the 7-day free trial work?

It’s so easy! Create an account with us and be sure to fill in all the required fields. Don’t worry, all your information is secure and will only be used once you engage in a plan (we will not charge you anything during your trial period). Right after the payment is done you will schedule a live class with a Spanish teacher. An email will be sent with your login details so that you can access the Hispanissimo Campus. If you continue your studies with us after your trial period, we’ll then engage the price of your subscription fee according to your chosen regular monthly subscription. Hassle free cancelation since you’re free to cancel at any time during your trial at My account.

How much time do I need to study each week?

At Hispanissimo, we suggest dedicating 3 hours a week to Independent-Study along with 2 Private Live Lessons per week (30 mins each), totaling 4 hours per week. This level of dedication will allow the average learner to typically complete one whole level within 5-6 months. Our course is made up of 135 units; organised in 5 levels; A1(Beginner), B1, B2, and C1 (Advanced). As you increase your levels, (B1,B2,C1) it might be necessary to allow yourself a bit more time to complete each level (maybe 8-10 months). However, this is very much dependant on each learner personally and it is exactly why Hispanissimo is the perfect way to learn! Your learning pace and objectives are yours to create and achieve. The more time you dedicate to your studying, the sooner you will be speaking with ease! We know we don’t really need to say this; learning Spanish demands time and great effort. But the payoff is quickly seen when your start speaking, dreaming, joking and texting new friends in Spanish!

Is Hispanissimo only for beginners?

Not at all! Just take out placement test before you start studying and we will tell you exactly what level you can get started with! Also, if you feel your current level is a bit easy, retake the placement test and you can be moved into a more challenging level.

Does Hispanissimo work on mobile phones?

Yes, Hispanissimo has been created to let you engage and work on the platform with any device you choose: Mobile phone or tablet.

Can I only take Private Live Lessons?

Truthfully, it is not recommended by Hispanissimo. It would be like having a glass of wine without a tapa; they are ok to have on their own, but we Spanish believe they are best experienced together!
Here at Hispanissimo, we have built a coworking system of Independent-Study and Private Live Lessons to ensure a complete engagement and integration of all the Spanish language skills. Independent-Study gives you the grammar and vocabulary needed to use in real conversations during the Private Live Lessons with a native Spanish speaker. All of these building blocks learned and reinforced help you work both academically (mastering the structure) and practically (use of natural spoken language outside a classroom) to ensure confidence and fluency in Spanish.

What are Private Live Lessons?

Private Live Lessons are guided, 30 minute one-on-one video conversations with a native Spanish speaker,on Skype or Zoom, or Google Hangouts if you prefer. Your teacher acts as a coach not only in Private Live Lessons but also when you are involved in self-study on our multimedia and interactive platform. Your tutor can provide advice and guidance to help you to clarify ideas and to suggest additional tasks. Learn more on how it works .

How do I schedule live lessons?

In your account sign up, you can select the times you want to take lessons each week, and we will pair you with teachers that are available during those times. Later you can agree with your teacher when you want to take the live classes.

Can children use Hispanissimo?

Per our Terms of Service, children under 18 but over 14 years old may use Hispanissimo with the approval of a parent or guardian. Hispanissimo is not currently available to children under the age of 14.

This is not a farewell, we hope to see you soon!

Are the Live Lessons recorded?

No, not at all. We will never record classes. We respect your privacy and the privacy of our tutors.

What if I don’t connect with my Spanish tutor?

Our philosophy is that your tutor, is your coach, so they will aim to create a bond between the two of you to help you gain confidence and fluency. It is very important to us that everyone has a positive experience, and that’s why we regularly screen our tutors for friendliness and helpfulness. However we do understand some connections just don’t happen. So if you would prefer to change your tutor; you can send us a request and will be happy to help you out.

Is it easy to cancel a subscription?

Yes, it’s very easy to switch or cancel your subscription with Hispanissimo. To cancel during your trial, all you need to do is to log into Hispanissimo and cancel your subscription via the My Account page. You can cancel at any time! Hassel free cancellation.

Once you have a monthly subscription, you can cancel at the end of each period via the My Account page. You are able to cancel the renewal of the subscription up to 5 days prior to the due date.

As simple as that!