Female Spanish names

May 20, 2021

Spanish is an incredibly beautiful language. It is as beautiful as the countries where it is spoken.

Spanish-speaking countries have many good things, such as food, people, great places and an incredible history. To all this we must add the precious names of the people and how they have spread to the rest of the world. 

In this post we will show you the most common female spanish names. Have you ever visited Spain and liked it so much that you want to give your daughter a Spanish name? You know a Spanish girl and you are curious about her unpronounceable name? Or maybe you are writing a nice story for your Spanish class and looking for female spanish names for the protagonists? 

Whatever your reason is, here we will show you the most common female spanish names and their meaning. 

  • AITANA – “Gloria” (glory) or “fuerte” (strong). 
  • AINHOA – “María”, “tierra fértil” (fertile ground) and “la elegida” (the chosen one). 
  • ALBA – It means dawn and it symbolizes the light, brightness, when life begins. 
  • ALEJANDRA – “La que protege al hombre” (the one who protects the man). 
  • ALICIA – “Mujer de verdad” (real woman). 
  • ALMUDENA – “La ciudadela” (citadel). 
  • AMELIA – “Enérgica y activa” (energetic and active). 
  • AMALIA – “Enérgica y activa” (energetic and active).
  • AMPARO – “Protección” (protection). 
  • ANA – “Benéfica” (beneficent), “compasiva” (compassionate), “llena de gracia” (full of grace). 
  • ANDREA – Female form of the name Andrés. It means “valiente” (brave). 
  • ÁNGELA – Female form of the name Ángel. It means “la mensajera de Dios” (the Messenger of God). 
  • BEATRIZ – “Bienaventurada” (blessed), “portadora de felicidad” (bearer of happiness) or “beatitude” (bliss). 
  • CAMILA – “La que está frente a Dios” (the one before God) or “la que hace sacrificios” (the one who makes sacrifices). 
  • CARLA – Female form of the name Carlos. It means “la mujer fuerte” (the strong woman). 
  • CARMEN – “El jardín de Dios” (the garden of God), “música” (music), “canto” (singing), “poema” (poem) or “hechizo” (charm). 
  • CAROLINA – “Dotada de inteligencia” (gifted with intelligence).
  • CATALINA – “Pura” (pure) or “inmaculada” (immaculate). 
  • CELIA – “Mujer celestial” (heavenly woman). 
  • ELENA – “Brillante” (shiny), “deslumbrante” (dazzling) or “resplandeciente” (glowing). 
  • ESMERALDA – Emerald 
  • ESTHER – “Estrella del desierto” (desert star). 
  • EVA – “La que da vida” (life-giving woman). 
  • GLORIA – “Gloria” (glory) or “fama” (fame). 
  • INÉS – “Pura” (pure). 
  • IRENE – “La que da paz” (woman who brings peace). 
  • ISABEL – “Salud y belleza” (health and beauty) or “fiel a Dios” (faithful to God). 
  • JIMENA – “La que escucha” (the one who listens). 
  • LOLA – “Dolores” (pain). 
  • LAURA – “Victoriosa” (victorious). 
  • LORENA – “La coronada de laureles” (woman crowned with laurels). 
  • LUCÍA – “Luz” (light) or “la que nació con la primera luz del día” (woman who was born with the first light of day). 
  • LUNA – Moon 
  • MARGARITA – “Perla” (pearl), “La que esconde su belleza” (woman who hides her beauty) or “aquella tan linda como una perla” (woman as fair as a pearl). 
  • MARÍA – “Amada de Dios” (beloved of God) or “eminente” (eminent). 
  • MARINA – “Nacida en el mar” (woman born in the sea). 
  • MARTA – “Señora” or “dama” (lady).  
  • MERCEDES – “Libertadora” (liberating woman) or “la que libera” (woman who liberates). 
  • MIRIAM – “Amada de Dios” (beloved of God) or “eminente” (eminent).
  • MÓNICA – “Única” (Unique). 
  • MONTSERRAT – “Monte aserrado” (sawn mountain). 
  • NATALIA – “Día del Nacimiento” (birthday) or “la que cuida de la vida” (woman who takes care of life). 
  • NEREA – “La que manda en el mar” (the one who rules the sea) or “ninfa” (nymph). 
  • NOELIA – “Navidad” (Christmas) or “naturaleza” (nature). 
  • NURIA – “La que es luminosa” (luminous woman) or “la que nace entre las colinas” (woman born among the hills). 
  • PATRICIA – “Patricia” (patrician) or “noble” (noble). 
  • PAULA – “Pequeña” (small woman). 
  • PILAR – “Pilar o soporte para su familia” (pillar or support for her family). 
  • RAQUEL – “La oveja de Dios” (God ‘s sheep).
  • RENATA – “Mujer que volvió a nacer” (woman who was born again).   
  • ROCÍO – “Refrescante y juvenil como el rocío” (refreshing and youthful as dew). 
  • ROSA – Rose. 
  • ROSARIO – “Guirnalda de rosas” (garland of roses). 
  • SANDRA – “La protectora” (the protector). 
  • SARA – “Princesa” (princess). 
  • SILVIA – “Natural de los bosques” (forest woman). 
  • SOFÍA – “La que tiene sabiduría” (wise woman). 
  • SONIA – “Oro” (gold). 
  • SUSANA – “Flor de loto” (Lotus flower). 
  • TERESA – “Verano” (summer) or “cosechar” (harvest). 
  • TRIANA – “Más allá del río” (beyond the river).
  • VALERIA – “Valerosa y sana” (brave and healthy). 
  • VERÓNICA – “Portadora de la victoria” (victory bearer). 
  • VICTORIA – Victory. 
  • YOLANDA – “Tierra de riquezas” (land of riches).
female spanish names

Both Spain and Latin America are places with an incredible history. They are countries with an immeasurable culture, influenced by many more cultures long ago. The names presented in this post are not all originating from the Spanish language, but from Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Basque, Catalan, etc. If you’ve been to a Spanish-speaking country or plan to visit it, you’ll hear a lot of these names when you stroll along the beautiful streets.

female spanish names

We really hope you found the information you were looking for. If so, what are you waiting for to find out more about this precious language and the incredible people who speak it. Keep visiting our blog to find a variety of interesting material that will help you supplement your learning or curiosity. 

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Written by: Ana Calero Castillo

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