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Jan 26, 2021

Our wish list, which surely includes very important things

Visiting an important monument such as the Pyramids of Egypt, or the Chinese wall, you may also want to meet your favorite actor, but you cannot decide between Henry Cavill or Chris Evans, you surely want to acquire a new talent, piano or drums… and also you want to learn a new language before you die, so, why not start here and learn Spanish?

No, it is not difficult at all and you will love it

In previous articles we have told you about the advantages of learning to speak Spanish, the economic benefits if you want to work in a Hispanic country or if you want to teach the language and we have also talked about its culture, which is becoming more known every day thanks to the fact that they are Many Spanish-speaking artists are taking place in trends.

But putting all that aside, fulfilling a dream or a goal is always satisfactory, that is why by including Spanish in your wish list, you will be facing a new challenge, which can be entertaining, fun and very enriching for your lifetime.

The benefits of learning a second language, such as learning to speak Spanish include numerous benefits such as brain growth, postponing dementia, boosting memory, improving attention, provides a series of social, psychological and cognitive benefits.


You surely want to acquire a new talent, piano or drums… and also you want to learn a new language before you die, so, why not start here and learn Spanish?

Optimize the brain

When a second language is learned, the language centers in the brain grow, one of its main benefits. Thus, the more you learn, the more brain areas grow.

Delays and even eliminates dementia at the old stage of life

More and more academics and experts on the subject consider that bilingualism increases our cognitive reserve capacity. Our minds work as a warehouse which is formed by all the stimulating experiences that we have developed in our life.

Many studies and researches link bilingualism with cognitive reserve and, therefore, have seen that it is associated with a delay in the onset of Alzheimer’s. This means that the higher this cognitive reserve capacity, the longer there is also a delay in the appearance of the cognitive deterioration produced by aging.

Memory expansion

Speaking more than one language means that the person has to have a good ability to handle various sources of information when carrying out a task. You can accomplish this by learning Spanish. This is the working memory, which is in charge of temporarily storing information in order to process it. It is essential in many tasks.

Improved cognition

In addition, it has been found that bilingual people have a better ability to switch from one task to another more quickly. This is called cognitive flexibility and it helps to adapt more easily to unexpected situations. Cognitive control is related to working memory, multitasking and attention, which has also been higher in bilingual people.

Improves attention

Bilingualism has also been associated with greater control over attention, being better able to limit distractions.

Improve your hearing

Being bilingual can lead to improved listening skills. It may be incredible, but this is because the brain learns to better discriminate sounds, in order to differentiate phonemes in one language from another. Thus, the level of precision is such that bilingual people are able to distinguish exactly two different noises.

Encourage critical thinking

Thinking about how others think and express themselves makes, on the one hand, we reflect on how we think and express ourselves. On the other hand, thinking about how other people construct their discourse, how they speak into each other, is a powerful tool to be able to understand points of view other than one’s own.

Do you need more reasons?

Learning another language is possible at any age and will undoubtedly improve our mindset, our life and develop a different perspective of your vision of the world.

The question is not why learn?, but why not learn to speak Spanish?

Organize your wish list and do not put off anything you want to do, the right time will always be now and much more when what you want is something that will give you great advantages and that will make a positive difference in you.

Contact Hispanissimo to inform you about our Free Trial, our programs and what we have to offer you, let us be part of that wish and learn how to speak spanish the fastest way.


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