Why is Learning Spanish so important? We give you our reasons!

Nov 30, 2020

Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world. There are almost 500 million people who speak it with their mother tongue, and many others who are Learning Spanish every day. 

Until recent years we were not fully aware of the importance of this language, nowadays, Spanish appears as the second most popular language, just below English, considered the universal language; China remains in the number 1 position due to the number of speakers, but Spanish is currently being spoken in every corner of the world and is growing.

Learning Spanish and its advantages

Learning Spanish will offer you great benefits at the work level, especially if you have to work in a foreign or international company since there are many jobs where knowing Spanish is an essential requirement.

Learning Spanish will also benefit you when it comes to learning other Latin languages, such as French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese or Galician. So, if you already have certain knowledge or if are Learning Spanish for beginners, this will help you with of any of the other Romance languages, because most of them have a similar structure.

Learning Spanish is an excellent communication tool since it not only helps you to connect socially and create new relationships with Spanish-speaking people, but it is also useful at the tourist level. If you decide to travel, take a vacation or live in a country like Spain, or any of Latin America, you can have an advantage over the cultural barrier that is the language.

In addition to all these benefits, the Hispanic culture has contributed a lot in the world, there are museums, architecture, sacred places and a whole artistic variety that you should know, and nothing better than to enjoy the readings of its great writers known worldwide in their native language, this helps a lot to contextualize yourself within the learning of Spanish and above all, to open your mind to a new culture.

Some of the most important reasons for learning Spanish:

  • Spanish is the language spoken at least in 21 countries to communicate, make transactions. It is the official language of Spain, which is the country in which the language was born, and it is spoken in all the countries of Central and South America, with the exception of Brazil, and even in the Philippines.
  • Spanish is the second language in the world in the number of native speakers, only surpassed by Chinese. But it is also the second language in global computing as we mentioned above.
  • It has great relevance on social media. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language on Facebook, below English, and the third most used on Twitter, only behind Japanese and English. 
  • More than 21 million people around the world are currently learning Spanish. Even in some countries is very difficult to meet the demand for Spanish teachers, so this opens up a new market, the teaching of Spanish as a second language.
  • Spanish is spoken at least by 8% of the world’s population and it is estimated that this percentage will grow in a 20% by 2050. But, the interest in learning Spanish is increasing every day.
  • Sharing a language multiplanes 4 times the exports among Spanish-speaking countries. Every year there is a growth about the agreements and deals signed between Spanish speaking countries to trade their products and services, which means greater wealth for each of these countries. The market is huge and is spreading to other nations, which makes learning Spanish a very important matter.

Spanish is in full growth and more when Spanish culture is taking control in terms of music and business.

This is why taking the initiative to learn Spanish will be a great choice because it is an excellent tool for the future. Everything indicates that beyond being a language to communicate, it is a way of life and with us, you will be able to develop and perfect your Spanish, a language definitely useful for life.

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