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Jan 12, 2021

It may sound a bit crazy to you, but the truth is speaking another language brings you closer to more people and if you started the year wanting someone new, and learning to speak Spanish will be a great advantage.

Last year the situation allowed us to agree to spend more time with us and today, we still do not know what destiny holds for us, but something is certain, friends and loves from a distance are something real and every day there are more who seek to connect with someone near or far.

Long distance relationships have become a thing

Thousands of couples were born remotely for months by Covid-19. Natives of different countries, they were thousands of kilometers away when the virus broke out, the closure of borders and the cancellation of flights prevented them from meeting. And so they continue, separated, but in fact, had it not been for the pandemic, the number of distance couples would not have grown to such a level, today there are many who found love and this one speaks Spanish. So, you should actually be looking for the fastest way to learn Spanish and there is where we are.

But how are Spanish speakers when it comes to love at a distance?

Internet dating site Zoosk investigated what Latino men and women think about “love from afar.” The survey was made of more than 12,000 members of that online community, and the survey shows if Hispanics are really capable of traveling for love, of communicating frequently and for how long we are willing to live a long distance relationship.

We are in the era of smartphones, social networks like Facebook and Instagram already have a video calling system, there is also WhatsApp, zoom and many more that simply give the confidence to continue talking with that special person.

One of the biggest barriers to face, beyond the cultural difference is the language, so that if you learn to speak Spanish you will be taking the path to that special person.

If you still do not have it, it is not an excuse not to learn, since if you are looking for love and want to embark on a positive adventure for your life, learning Spanish fast is the best option.

They say that French is the language of love, but have you already seen the passion in soap operas? Even if you don’t understand the words, you get the context, so you know that Spanish is a passionate language and its people are the same, and they are not closed at all with foreigners.

Love in Spanish has 4 levels

Unlike English, the Spanish language has many words or sentences to clearly express your feelings for the person you love. It is very important that you know these levels, since while in English we have “I like you” and “I love you” in Spanish we can express our feelings in 4 different ways, giving each one a certain level of intensity. But do not panic, learning to speak Spanish fast is not complicated and we assure you that you will understand well what these levels are about.

  • Me gustas: 

This expression is used when you hardly see someone or you get to know them and there is nothing beyond a physical attraction, which may or may not lead to something else.

  • Te quiero:

this expression is equivalent to having appreciation for a person, a friend or a relationship that is just beginning and goes beyond a simple “I like you” (Me gustas) but does not even reach the highest level of “I love you” (Te amo).

  • Te amo:

This is the pure and real way to express your feelings, whether you are with that person or not, by saying “I love you” you are surrendering yourself. It is used mostly by couples or people who are already at a high level of feeling, with security, things for the other person. Like when Lois Lane confesses to Superman that she is in love with him.

  • Te adoro:

“I adore you” this is the most supreme expression, when you are already in love and in a relationship, where you both love each other and where the words “I love you” fall short.

Take the decision and learn Spanish in the fastest way so that you find love at the beginning of the year.


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