Are months capitalized in Spanish?

Jun 10, 2021

Are you interested in Spanish? Do you wonder when to use the capital letters in this language? Are months capitalized in Spanish?

Don’t worry, here we will teach you when to use the capital letters. In Spanish, the usual writing is in lowercase. However, there are some contexts where the use of capital letters is mandatory. In this post we will teach you when to use capital letters and explain if they should be used when we write the months of year. 

First, we will go over the rules for using capital letters in this wonderful language: 

According to the punctuation marks 

The use of capital letters depends on the position of the dots along the text.

  • After a period: capital letters must be used after the period. “Hoy he ido a cenar con mis padres. La cena estaba muy rica”
  • Suspension points: if the sentence continues after the dots, we use lowercase. “Debes comprar leche, huevos, harina…y luego haremos el pastel”. If the suspensive dots divide two different sentences, we use a capital letter after the dots. “Fui a cenar con mis padres… Esa noche dormí en su casa”. 
  • Question mark or exclamation mark: after a question mark or exclamation mark, we always use a capital letter. “¡La visita a Francia estuvo increíble! Me encantó estar con mi familia en ese lugar”. 
  • Colon: if what follows is the header of a letter, document or textual citation, we use a capital letter. “Mi madre dijo: “No vengas muy tarde”. 

Regardless of punctuation marks

Apart from punctuation marks, there are also rules for the use of capital letters in Spanish. In this language, it is always capitalized:

  • Proper names: Calos, Martina, Lucía, etc. 
  • Last names: Rodríguez, Martínez, García, Castillo, etc. 
  • Festivities: Navidad, Semana Santa, Día del trabajador, etc. 
  • Names of places: Sevilla, América, Europa, España, Madrid, etc. 
  • Gods: Dios, Alá, Zeus, Júpiter, Apolo, etc. 
  • Names of streets: calle Sierpes, calle Filosofía, etc. 
  • The names of the four cardinal points: Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste.

After reviewing the rules for the use of capital letters in Spanish, we will focus on the months of the year. First of all, we’ll show you a chart, in case you don’t know the months yet: 


Enero January
Febrero February
Marzo March
Abril April
Mayo May
Junio June
Julio July
Agosto August
Septiembre September
Octubre October
Noviembre November
Diciembre December

If the sentence continues after the dots, we use lowercase. “Debes comprar leche, huevos, harina…y luego haremos el pastel”

Easy, right? Now, are months capitalized in Spanish? The answer is no. In Spanish, months are not capitalized, like the days of the week or languages. If the word goes after a period or at the beginning of a sentence, it will be capitalized, according to the rules of punctuation marks, but if the month goes in the middle of a sentence, it will never be capitalized. 


  • 10 de marzo de 2021 – March 10, 2021. 
  • Me mudaré a Madrid en diciembre – I will move to Madrid in December. 
  •  Nací el 4 de marzo de 1997- I was born on March 4, 1997.
Are months capitalized in Spanish

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Written by: Ana Calero Castillo

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